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Thirty years ago, the world met filmmaker Ira Wohl’s adult, mentally-retarded cousin Philly and his family in the groundbreaking, Oscar-winning feature documentary Best Boy.

Now, as part of the 30th anniversary celebration of Best Boy's original theatrical release, we are proud to offer viewers an opportunity to experience the unforgettable story of Philly and his family in an exclusive DVD trilogy--Best Boy, Best Man and the never-before-released Best Sister. 

Best Boy – A Film That Changed Hearts and Minds

In Best Boy, Philly Wohl--against all odds, and aided by the uncommon devotion and unbreakable spirit of a very special family—succeeds in creating a fulfilling life for himself.

Best Boy captured the world’s attention in 1979, and Philly captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world.  Many people credit Best Boy with doing more to change society’s opinion of mental retardation than any film before or since. Honored with the Academy Award for Best Documentary and used worldwide to educate members of the social work and psychology communities, Best Boy is a truly groundbreaking film, as relevant and moving today as it was thirty years ago.   Read more about Best Boy »

Best Man – An Inspiring Story of Success

Best Man revisits Philly twenty years later, when the 70-year-old has achieved what was once unthinkable—a healthy, happy, and independent life. Philly has come into his own, not only in terms of his life's achievements, but also in the way he enriches the lives of those around him.  Read more about Best Man »

Best Sister – The Final ”Best Boy” Chapter Comes to DVD

Filmed eight years after Best Man, Best Sister turns the camera on Philly's last remaining family member, his sister Frances, as she nobly faces a poignant transition from caregiver to cared-for.  Best Sister is a bittersweet testament to the endurance of love, faith, and the human spirit. Read more about Best Sister »

From Best Boy to Best Man a Compilation

Utilizing twelve carefully chosen, stand alone segments taken from both films and presenting them in chronological order over a span that covers twenty years of Philip's life, one can follow his progress from daily life as it was for fifty years to entering a day program, moving into a group home, becoming integrated with his peers and ultimately taking advantage of the opportunity to live up to his full potential.

Own a piece of cinematic history you can treasure again and again, with any or all of these DVDS. Read more about the Compilation »